The Secret behind the Nikola Tesla Generator Blueprints

After a long period of time has passed since the discovery of a new energy source that can generate free energy, finally, the Nikola Tesla generator blueprints have been made public. Nikola Tesla (Austrian Empire; 1846-1953) was a famous mechanical engineer, contemporary with Thomas Edison, who became known for a series of inventions, amongst which the continuous magnet motor.

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Since then, the continuous magnet motor science has advanced considerably, but the fundamental principle has remained the same. Hence, Tesla’s generator as we know it nowadays is an improved version of the apparatus Nikola Tesla was working on back in 1894, but still relies on the circuit diagram designed back then.

Nikola Tesla Generator Blueprints – the Emergence of a Radical New Method of producing Energy

Although there have not been many rumors and debates concerning this revolutionary discovery of a power generating device that can produce perpetual, zero cost energy, there is a huge volume of information found in academic papers and letters, containing the schematics of numerous electrical inventions. These data reveal that, in the late 1880s, Tesla patented the altering current transformer, generator and motor. During the next years, Tesla carried on his experiments and worked on other ways of generating power; in 1901, he patented the charged particle collector.

On March 21, 1901 the inventor applied for a patent for his “apparatus for utilization of radiant energy” – number 685957. Eight months later, on November 5, he was granted the patent for this invention. The following years were also successful. In 1909, Nikola Tesla registered another patent, for Turbine and a while later he registered a patent for a Dynamo Electric Machine. All these papers indicate that the first blueprints of a machine that would continue to produce energy even after being decoupled from an external power source were the ones of the turbine-shaped unipolar dynamo.

The story caught the media’s attention, and, in 1902, The New York Times published an article about an inventor that claimed to have invented a radical new way of producing energy, materialized in the electrical generator that could work without having an external fuel supply. This inventor was not Nikola Tesla, so by the time the story leaked into the media, Tesla wrote to a friend, confessing that he had already put together such a device. The official announcement was made on July 10, 1931 in the Brooklyn Eagle. Tesla talked about how he had managed to harness the cosmic rays and then used them to operate a motive device. He said that he had been working on his invention for more than 25 years and he had finally managed to complete his work successfully.

In 1933, another article – “Device to Harness Cosmic Energy Claimed by Tesla”- appeared in the New York American. Tesla talked about the new power that would be used to drive the world’s machinery. The new power would be derived from the cosmic energy, which Tesla referred to as “the energy which operates the universe”. He also said that the central source of cosmic energy was the sun, which “is present everywhere in unlimited quantities”.

What Happened with Nikola Tesla’s Generator Blueprints?

Although the Nicola Tesla generator plans were based on accurate, valid studies, they never were not found useful or valuable at that time. Despite the fact that the plans were complete, Tesla’s inventions were not commercialized. Unfortunately, the discovery of a new method to produce electricity happened during the emergence of the large electric power industry. When the fuel-less electrical generator was patented, the huge electric power companies started to worry. These major electric companies had invested enormous sums of money into plants and equipment and they were looking forward to making a profit from providing electricity to businesses and householders. They simply could not let their investment be jeopardized by the introduction of the new revolutionary system of generating zero cost electricity.

Because of the fact that the electric companies showed to be reluctant to change, Nikola Tesla’s generator plans were rejected and forgotten. Nevertheless, the blueprints were authentic and, finally, these secret plans leaked on the internet; people are now able to see for themselves that the plans designed by Tesla years ago and improved with the help of modern technology are actually viable and extremely valuable.

What to Learn from the Past

Now, it is obvious that the electric power companies have pulled a major hoax, misleading people into thinking that only they can provide them with the energy they need to power their houses and satisfy their ordinary necessities. Now that we have access to the blueprints of the magnetic generator, each of us can build such a device effortlessly and use it to power our homes with zero costs.

What we should learn from the past is that great inventions are always contested and sometimes forgotten or lost because of various reasons, one of which being the interests of major companies that rule our lives. We should never reject a revolutionary idea from the start, without giving it any chance. We cannot simply reject an idea because it seems too good to be true and because we have never heard of anything like it before. Throughout the history, the majority of great ideas were rejected and their inventors were punished or laughed at. Still, it appears that some people never learn from the past mistakes. Some of us never learn to listen, never learn to create, to trust the limitless power of science and support our opinions with viable arguments. Such people hold us back.

In the end, we will let you come to your own conclusion. Before dismissing this revolutionary idea, find out that the blueprints for the Nicola Tesla generator are actually real and they have survived time and controversy. Now, the Nicola Tesla generator blueprints are no longer a secret – you can easily gain access to them and start building your own generator, to finally become independent and forget about electricity companies.