Teslas Fuelless Generator

With Nikola Teslas fuelless generator, the world was introduced to an innovating, revolutionary concept: energy can be produced without fuel! In other words, the famous scientist Nikola Tesla proposed a free power generating device that uses radiant energy in order to produce costless electrical energy. Before understanding the scientific principle, let’s take a look at the story behind it.

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Nikola Tesla was a famous Serbian-American scientist, mostly known for his futuristic contributions to the developments of the first sustainable energy projects. Besides drawing the wiring diagrams of the new free power generators, Tesla was also preoccupied by radio communication and wireless transmission of data.

Despite the obscurity that characterized the period following his death, Tesla’s inventions became popular once again after the 1990s. Among his many patents, inventions and experiments, Teslas no-fuel generator occupies a very important place, due to the rapid development of green energy studies.

What Is So Revolutionary about the Teslas Fuelless Generator?

According to Tesla’s brilliant theory on renewable power, it is possible to construct an energy generating device that does not consume fuel. In Tesla’s words, this gadget would function using the ‘energy that operates the universe’. The scientist claimed that it is possible to assemble an autonomic apparatus that produces 100% free electrical power without consuming gas, oil or any other type or exhaustible resources.

Tesla’s generator was officially brevetted in 1901, on the 21st of March. Registered under the name ‘Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy’, this machine demonstrated that, by using radiant energy, it was possible to generate free energy. History remembers Tesla’s invention as the first viable project of renewable energy. The schematics of this costless energy source are quite simple. In its construction, Tesla used two metal plates, a wire and a pair of capacitors.

In the plans of the generator, the circuit diagram starts from one metal plate placed in the air (as high as possible) and the second one in the ground. The two metal plates are connected to the capacitors using a simple set of wires: each wire is connected to each side of the capacitor.

Once built, this system ‘catches’ sunlight and turns it into energy. So, the sun produces electrical particles with positive charge, while the ground releases negative electricity. Simplifying the schemes, we could say that somewhere in between, electricity is born.

Of course, the plans suffered various changes along history, but the principle never changed. What mattered then and is still of importance today, is that the tests conducted by Tesla proved that humanity was actually able to take advance of direct sunlight, saving fuel and resources. In its time, the project opened new and endless possibilities in the field of sustainable energy, changing the world’s perception on power production.

Using Teslas No-Fuel Electricity Generating Device for Your Home

Tesla’s inventions, his theories, were exploited by his followers and improved, so, what began as a beautiful dream for a better world is now a reality ready to be experienced by all of us, embodied in one of the most efficient power generating devices. First built at an industrial scale, these systems are now available for individual use.

If you wish to use the Tesla generator to power your home, you have two alternatives: to build it on your own or to order it readymade. Both solutions are viable and their costs are recovered in time, but let’s see what each option implies.

In order to construct your own free energy source, you will need instructions and drawings, as detailed as possible, to make the process easy and fast. You need to choose your supplier wisely, based not on cost, but on reviews, on the quality of the information provided and on the guarantees provided.

Once you receive the blueprints, you need to review the list of materials. Hopefully, depending on the source, you will only need things that you already have around the house, or that are cheap and easy to find in local stores.

Just take them home and follow the instructions to the letter and, in a matter of one or two days the most, you will have the pleasure of lighting your home with energy you produce by yourself, you can kiss your electricity bills goodbye and no longer worry about power failures or network overcharges.

If you are too busy to do everything on your own, you can order the readymade generator. The price will be at least double than if you do everything by yourself, but with just a few clicks, in a couple of days, you can have the device installed and ready to power your home. No more reading blueprints and looking for materials, no more worrying about your lack of technical skills: you just snap your finger and the kilowatts start flowing into your home electrical network.

Advantages of Producing Green Energy at Home

Some people ask themselves why they should build or buy the device, but the right question is why not? You produce free electricity and protect the environment by not using the already limited resources and by not polluting the air, the water or any other element.

Then, you save significant money, as, apart from the money you invest in the generator, the electricity your produce is all for free. Besides, having your own energy source means independence.

Tesla’s free power generator also has the advantage of being easy to operate and to handle. It can be easily stored in a back room or even in the garage, requiring only minimal periodical maintenance works. Plenty of companies have already specialized in delivering top quality technical solutions for such systems.

Besides, the instructions provided with the blueprints, if you decide to build it on your own, cover most malfunctions, not to mention that no one knows better than you how to repair something you built from scratch.

Praised by thousands of people, the Teslas fuelless generator has changed the world and the way we live, ‘forcing’ us to think about the environment, allowing us to look after it and after our finances at the same time.