Teslas Free Energy Generator

Teslas free energy generator has gained an enormous amount of popularity in recent years. This is largely due to the possibility of practically instant communication via the internet, and the fact that literally everyone can create their own websites or blogs to provide useful information for readers all over the world.

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Despite the fact that many of Tesla’s incredible inventions were initially put together around the beginning of the 20th century, they were largely unknown for a long period of time. However, as information technology progressed, it became increasingly difficult to keep people in the dark for too long, and this resulted in numerous new technological advancements that were made to put together and enhance the various versions of Tesla’s remarkable projects.

The numerous potentially practical uses of the generator are virtually unlimited. Basically you can get additional energy at no cost whatsoever, and with a powerful array of aerial antennas, you may even be able to achieve equal or higher performances than many other types of generators available today.

One of the Best Versions of the Tesla Generator

One highly praised circuit built by a Danish developer who intended and succeeded to enhance Tesla’s initial designs is based on the use of a unique blueprint and a large aluminum plate placed on the roof of his house. The insulated, vertically placed “antenna” was suspended slightly above the roof to avoid any unwanted discharge by touching it.

The wiring is similar to that used in the classic Tesla free power generator designs, implying the use of a several feet long wire connecting the plate to the module, as well as another one connecting the module to a metal rod which is placed in the ground.

The module itself is the key feature of this set up. Using 2 powerful capacitors of about 100 uF, as well as 4 germanium diodes, it can be replicated to provide additionally generated power to the circuit. The secret is in the ingenious circuit diagram which shows the components forming an intricate circuit which has the task of multiplying the current provided by the antenna.

Because the number of antennas and modules that can be added is virtually unlimited, the potential of this simple, yet efficient version of the Tesla free power generator is staggering. Practical applications and tests have shown that there is no limit to the extent to which the gadget can be extended.

With two modules, it has shown the ability to light an LED without a problem, while with 10 times as many modules, it was able to charge a 12 volt battery overnight. This feat is quite impressive, considering the fact that most of those who have tried out simpler versions of the Tesla generator could hardly get close to such a performance.

The practicality of this module-based circuit is also to be commended, since even if you use a larger number of modules, the eventual damage to one of them will not influence any of the others. This is due to the parallel placement of the blocks, which allow for a greatly advantageous use.

Again, Teslas free energy generator was proven to be more than reliable, just as in many previous occasions, and it is even estimated that, with about 200 modules, this modern setup can be used for powering an entire household. While this has not yet been tested, previous experiments show that the circuit has the possibility of achieving such a performance.

Practical Uses and Considerations

With the continuing advances in technology that keep occurring today, the uses for Tesla’s free power generator are practically without limit. It is remarkable how much of a difference a little technical knowledge can make when it is used properly.

Another engineer who managed to achieve excellent results with this Tesla generator model took the project to the next step by building a large board containing 50 modules closely placed together. He had claimed that using two of these boards, he was able to get a continuous energy intake of almost 100 joules from his antenna. This is about the energy required to keep a 100 watt light bulb lit without interruption.

According to some, with some minor additional tweaking and adjustment work, this may be one of the most practical free energy generators you will ever find. First of all, the components are far cheaper than many other environmentally friendly setups in use today, and the entire construction requires minimal maintenance, while providing maximum efficiency. It doesn’t get any better than that!

For safety considerations, one may want to suspend the antenna on a tall pole. The added height may increase the amount of power produced by the generator while also protecting the roof from unexpected energy spikes that could cause some damage. This is often a mandatory requirement, particularly if you have a wooden roof which could potentially catch fire.

Also, some people have commented that there is an increased risk of lightning striking the metal plate. This is a common risk in the case of Tesla radiant energy devices, but it has a simple solution. Using a car spark plug by connecting it across each of the modules will effectively protect the entire system from lightning strikes.

There are several other precaution methods that can be taken against lightning, as well. Generally, it is known that lightning will hit the highest point that is connected to the earth. This is, in fact, based on the same principle that allows the generator to work in the first place. A simple way of avoiding any direct hit on the antenna, therefore, would be to place a lightning rod on top of a tall tree in the vicinity.

There are, of course, many other versions of the Tesla generator out there. If you truly want to get completely free and costless electrical power, this is perhaps the cheapest, most practical way of doing it.

Additionally, the Tesla free energy generator will only have to be set up once, and then you can enjoy unlimited, steady power, regardless of the weather, or of whether it may be night or day; this is not an opportunity to be taken lightly, especially in these stressful and demanding times.