Tesla Generator Plans

The search for Tesla generator plans that would show a working version of the famous Tesla radiant energy generator has been going on for quite a while now, as people all over the world are continually trying to prove that the Serbian genius’ ideas can indeed be put into practice for providing a viable source of free energy that anyone can use without having to invest a significant amount of money.

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The plans themselves exist. They have actually been around for quite a while, but very few people have recognized their incredible potential until quite recently. This has sparked up the interest once again in many people to start reviewing the inventor’s work, despite the fact that, ever since his death in 1943, very few companies were willing to fund any type of research to further his experiments.

Some of the newer inventions and plans that Tesla had put together never even made it to the public, as they were safely locked away in the US government’s vaults for many years. Some claim that these included plans for wireless transfer of electrical energy and even an original theory on gravity that could have perhaps led to the invention of a new type of flying machine.

The Variety of Tesla Generator Plans

It is quite amazing how some things can be hidden in plain sight so easily. Unlike some claims, the government never actually banned the “radiant energy” models invented by Tesla at the end of the 19th century, and the plans in question have actually been available in two patents received by the remarkable inventor.

The most important Tesla generator schematics that can be mentioned involve a simple device that was deemed as somewhat unreliable by Tesla himself in his quest for the greater glory of providing free power. The plans were later studied by many brilliant engineers who have managed to enhance them, providing different varieties of radiant energy generators that work on the same principle, only with a somewhat altered circuit schematic to boost up its power, stability and consistency.

The patents in question are US Patent Number 685,957 named “Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy” and the US Patent Number 685,958: “Method of Utilizing Radiant Energy”. Both of them were filed and granted in the same year, more than 40 years before the inventor’s death – 1901.

Tesla intuitively worked out the way in which the sun continuously bombarded the Earth’s atmosphere with positive particles which were stopped at the ionosphere level, and could be harnessed using a simple antenna that would then use a small rig to transform the static electricity into usable electric current.

The four Tesla generator schematics provided along with the patents were very similar, the only actual difference being the circuits that Tesla experimented with in his attempt to achieve better results. He was especially keen on providing various options for the triggering device.

In one case, the device was a rotatory switch that resembles a circuit controller previously invented by Tesla himself, while another is represented by an intriguing electrostatic gadget formed from two light membrane-like conductors suspended in a vacuum.

There are claims according to which Tesla experimented with various oscillator circuits that would require very little energy to keep them running. While much of Tesla’s work “mysteriously disappeared”, you can still find a large number of alternate Tesla generator plans that use this principle with various combinations of diodes and capacitors, being designed to show how the invention can be utilized to provide a significant amount of free electricity for an indefinite period of time, without the device having to receive any outer impulse or energy supply.

There is no doubt to the matter that Tesla’s brilliance lives on through these devices, despite the fact that some of those whose interests depend on the continuous thriving of today’s power companies would not want these plans to be out in the open.

With the help of the internet, however, Tesla’s legacy lives on, as many have started to do their own research, and succeeded in improving the initial designs in order to create generators that have a remarkable ability of providing costless and fuelless energy to their owners.

The Ideas Tesla Never Put in Practice

You may have heard some rumors regarding the fact that the Tesla generator schematics may have been confiscated by the US government after the inventor’s demise. While the initial plans were still out in the open, many others may have indeed been kept from the public, including, according to some, an enhanced version of the radiant energy receiver itself.

Tesla had numerous other ideas, however, one of the most important of which was his theory that electrical energy could be transmitted wirelessly. Tesla explored this possibility with his work regarding microwaves and radio transmissions; however, he was unable to create an actual system that could transfer energy along vast distances.

He had started constructing the Wardenclyffe Tower for this purpose; however, he never received enough funding, and was eventually forced to conclude his experimentation before it had even started. The tower was to become a powerful wireless energy transmitter that, according to Tesla, could eventually have solved all the energy related problems of the regular individual.

Another notable invention that the illustrious Serbian scientist couldn’t share with the world was a “death ray” that was allegedly a powerful new particle beam able to destroy anything in its path (much like the ones you have probably heard of in science fiction novels). Also, there was yet another invention seemingly inspired by a sci fi comic book: flying vehicles that would not require the use of fuel or engines.

The latter is actually claimed by many to be true, as there are rumors that, in his studies of electromagnetism, Tesla may have been able to discover a way to alter the mass of various objects, making them fly across the room.

While many of Tesla’s experiment plans that dealt with these inventions and tests are nowhere to be found, his Tesla generator plans continue to inspire people all around the world, and to convey the message that the potential to create new inventions and to solve many of the world’s energy related problems can never be exhausted.