Tesla Fuelless Generator

With the invention of the Tesla fuelless generator humankind was introduced to the first environmentally friendly sources of alternative energy. Poorly understood at that time, these types of generators have dramatically changed the way our society understands to produce renewable energy in today’s challenging environmental context.

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Nikola Tesla was the first scientist to understand that by using the ‘energy that operates the universe’, using his own words, the world would be able to go on, to power homes and equipments without the use of fuel. The ambient itself could replace traditional fuels…all man has to do is learn how to take advantage of it!

A New Generation of Free Electricity Generators

Perhaps one of Tesla’s most important contribution to the future of sustainable energy, the plans of the fuelless generator, were later on developed so that the world could benefit from this amazing discovery. The first prototype was actually built after the death of the researcher, following his original schematics.

Basically, Tesla’s fuelless generator provides electricity without using gas, wood, coal, or any other type of resources. The principle of this generating device is quite simple: it uses radiant energy to produce electricity.

Nikola Testa, the famous scientist who still disputes his place in history as the radio-inventor, with Marconi, was the first to conduct wide experiments in the field of green energy. He was among the first engineers to revise the concept of free energy and to replace the use of fuel in the construction of generators.

The no-fuel Tesla generator is, without any doubt whatsoever, one of the most important discoveries the world knew at the beginning of the 20th century. This new direction in generator construction was embraced only years after the death of the famous scientist.

He never got the chance to build a prototype, but the sketches and plans he left behind constituted the perfect start for the new generation of engineers. They took his plans and circuits and turned them into reality. History will remember him as the pioneer theoretician of no-fuel generators and also as the promoter of a new approach in producing free energy.

Theoreticians claim that there were two possible sources of inspiration for the invention of Tesla’s generation of fuelless generators. A first scenario talks about the possibility of using a scheme of perpetual motion, while the second theory invokes a possible recreation of a natural phenomenon.

No matter what had triggered the initial experiments, his scientific explanations were framed within the limits of the Second Law of Thermodynamics, very popular among the physical theories of those times.

The research conducted by Nikola Tesla regarding a new generation of fuelless electrical devices unfolded in his last years of scientific work, enhancing advanced principles from physics and not only.

In a few words, the generator that does not consume fuel starts from a simple presumption: the surrounding environment is an unlimited source of free power. The theoretical project Nikola put together sustains that it is possible to extract energy from the ‘ambient medium’ without using any type of intermediary channels. The results are more than satisfactory.

Learn How to Use the Tesla’s Fuelless Power Engine

Nikola Tesla left humankind an amazing heritage: a generator that uses natural, eco-friendly sources of energy. His studies revealed that fuel could be easily replaced and that the use of radiant energy is far simpler than the human mind thought it to be.

The modern society has taken Tesla’s ideas on how to design new sources of renewable energy and came up with new solutions. In a society facing the real danger of global warming and always on the look for ways to spare fuel, the generator created by Tesla could make an important difference. Whether it is for a simple home generator or a device for an industrial establishment, modern science has long debated on how Tesla’s ideas could be fully employed.

The ‘zero point technology’ as modern science calls it today, stands at the base of Tesla’s invention. Not understood by many at that time, the invention gained more and more followers throughout the century, culminating with today’s society, a society that intends to make full use of Tesla’s ideas for producing free power.

Following this line of thought, the market of electrical generating devices has come up with several interesting proposals. The fuelless engine technology can now be used by any person, at any time and in any location. A home generator is easy to assemble and to use, without affecting the environment, not to mention that you can spare a lot of time and effort by purchasing such a power device readymade, or at least the drawings and instructions to put it together on your own.

Apparently, to build a fuelless generator doesn’t take too much effort or time and Lets you produce free electricity. The plans currently available on the market are simple to understand and the construction does not involve specialized studies or skills.

When putting together this electric power source, it is important to have a clear instruction guide and a complete list of materials required in the process. In order to have the guarantee that your will obtain high quality results, it is highly recommended that you choose your suppliers carefully.

The costs of the materials are not that high and, for the assembly, you do not need to contract professional help. The investment can be amortized in a couple of months. So, besides being friendly with the environment, such a generator is friendly with your budget as well.

Tesla’s 20th century discovery brought to the attention of the world a simple principle: the earth has limited but also unlimited resources. The world of today tries desperately to preserve natural resources. The effects of globalization, global warming, and the need of costless energy sources are only some of the most important environmental issues of the day. The world needs innovation in producing energy, and the invention of Tesla’s fuelless generator offers all the new principles we were waiting for in order to build a better world.