Tesla Energy Blueprints

Few people have heard about the Tesla energy blueprints, and even fewer know what they are all about. In fact, Tesla’s blueprints have been kept secret from the public for a long time. These blueprints contain instructions for building a free energy generator that could be used in every home. However, corporate interests, gas and electricity companies’ interests can be the ones to blame for the fact that the blueprints have never been released to the public. Until now. Now, the energy generator blueprints created by Tesla are available for everyone to use. Everybody that has just a little knowledge in electrics can build the generator, use it to generate free energy, and become energy independent. More than that, the Tesla generator works, and it is more efficient than other energy generators or green solutions available.

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Nikola Tesla and his ideas of creating free energy

Not many people have heard of Nikola Tesla. Tesla is one of the greatest scientists and inventors of the world. He was a Serbian-American engineer, physicist and inventor, and some of his inventions are considered the work of a true genius of electricity. He made countless inventions aimed at making people’s life easier: he was a pioneer of wireless communication, he invented the Tesla coil that is used to manufacture TVs, he contributed to the creation of radars, electric motors or microwave ovens. Tesla was also interested in the ionosphere, the stratum of the atmosphere used to transmit radio waves.

However, one of his most amazing inventions ended up being hidden from the public. Tesla’s revolutionary dream was to offer people an energy generator that produced free energy. His idea was to transform the cosmic radiation of the sun in completely cost-less energy for every household. With the help of his generator, a household could generate all the energy it needs to function, becoming energy independent.

While this idea is indeed appealing for most homeowners, because it implies reducing energy costs to minimum, gas and energy suppliers could think differently. If everybody was able to generate their own electricity, nobody would pay their electricity bills, and that means the end of a huge number of electricity and gas companies. As a consequence, the Tesla energy plans have been kept away from the public for a very long time. Luckily, there was a leak, and a few science laboratories managed to get their hands on the plans. With the blueprints being made public, every individual can follow the wiring diagrams and assemble the free power generating device.

The benefits of owning a Tesla generator

Considering the continuous rise of gas and energy pricing and the need for creating sustainable energy, more and more people are considering alternative ways of generating energy and reducing costs. Nowadays, a regular size house consumes a lot of energy because people like to enjoy the benefits of having different appliances, from a microwave to a fridge and a 55 inch TV. When the energy bills come, homeowners have to pay significant amounts of money. So the high cost is probably the main reason why people would like to become energy independent.

From an individualistic and slightly egoistic point of view, a Tesla energy generator that provides free power is incredibly valuable. It could reduce costs considerably, and the only expenses it implies are the initials cost of the materials needed in order to put together the device.

However, from a global point of view, alternative solutions to generate energy could provide countless benefits for the environment. Nowadays, we continue to rely mostly on non-renewable sources of energy that will soon disappear.  Global warming and pollution are signs of the excess people make when it comes to energy. The renewable energy of the sun could provide one solution to this energy crisis we face. But very few people actually decide to go green and use solar energy. Building or buying solar panels is expensive, and they do not offer enough energy for a house.

The Tesla energy blueprints can be used to create a generator that is considerably more efficient than solar panels. The generator can create high amounts of energy, sometimes even more than a typical house normally uses. With little knowledge in physics and electricity, every do-it-yourselfer can create the Tesla generator at home, with the help of tools and materials purchased from a local hardware store. And the generator is also very affordable. The materials needed are cheap, and they can also be bought at a discount, or online, making the initial investment in this device incredibly low. Homeowners can find the Tesla energy schematics on the internet and use the circuit diagrams in order to put together the components and enjoy 100% free power.

Those who are not so confident in their skills can choose to buy a Tesla generator from the internet, and as soon as they connect it to their wiring system, they will start saving money on energy bills and use them for more important things.

There is no doubt that the solution Tesla suggests is far more affordable than any other alternative energy option available. You just have to download the plans from the internet, purchase the necessary parts, follow the instructions, and build the device. The generator will start paying for itself once you terminate the contract with your energy supplier and start creating your own free electric power.

Some people are skeptical when it comes to free energy: is there anything you could have for free in this world? They think that the story with the zero cost power generation is nothing more than a scam. However, the people who have built the generator following the instructions given by none other than the greatest electric engineer of all times say that the device works and that it helped them reduce energy costs significantly from day one. Considering the Tesla generator to be a scam is outrageous, because it denies the expertise and the knowledge of the Einstein of engineering, Nikola Tesla. Everyone that sees the Tesla energy blueprints can immediately conclude that they have been created by a genius inventor.