Do You Want to Know More About Teslas Experiment Plans?

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Nikola Tesla, known for being a mechanical and electrical engineer but also a futurist, has managed to develop a generator that can spread electricity wirelessly and free, and here are some details about teslas experiment plans.

Nikola Tesla and His Contribution to Technology

Born in 1856 in the Austrian Empire( In Croatia nowadays ), Tesla wanted to go to a place where he could freely invent but little did he know that things are not always how they seem. After he got his American citizenship and after he developed the plans for the tesla experiment( the generator ), the American government felt threatened by the development Tesla managed to bring to technogy and after the death of the famous inventor in 1943, the government took all his plans and prevented them from becoming a reality.

Teslas Experiment Plans- Hidden from the World

Most of the energy companies did not want teslas experiment plans to be known by the public because that meant that everyone was able to receive electricity freely and through wireless means, giving them no profits and furthermore the companies would have been bankrupted.

But nowadays , teslas experiment plans are thought to be available after they have been leaked on the Internet. There is also a website dedicated to this experiment ( )where you can find more information about the experiment and also about the genius that is behind all this.

A video with the proof that the generator is working is also available on the website and it shows you that you do not need to be a engineer to build your own and it also does not cost you very much to buy the parts ( almost $ 2 ). You will also need an anthena and the wiring diagrams that you can also find in the video. It is thought that the American goverment did not want to lose all that money from paid electricity, that is why they have took Nikola Tesla’s generator schematics, but some think that the goverment did not manange to understand the process of building such a generator, that is why it has been kept a secret for so many years.

Maybe the plans that are available online might be thought to be a scam but the original schematics contain the idea about alternative energy that has been tested by Tesla and that is surely certified for success.

But, in order to preserve its economy, the government keeps these plans hidden so that people keep paying for electricity. Little do they know that Tesla’s method is not only 100 % free but also it is an eco friendly and green way to transmit electricity.

The Generator is Real and Can Save You Money

So, in these times when global warming is increasing, we should start thinking more of the environment and less of gain that we make by selling non-renewable energy. Besides, if you want to install the generator it will take very little time and money and also it does not require constant repairs like the usual electricity generators which can be broken at every storm. Tesla’s generator uses the radiation of the sun so it uses things that can be found for free in nature and you will not need many parts to built it, just 4 Germanium Diodes ( 1N34), 2 100 50V electrolytic capacitors and 2 0.2 50V ceramic capacitors, and all of these are not going to cost you more than 3 $ – in addition you will need an anthena. If you do not have one you will just need some anthena wire. You will not even need to repair your tesla generator as often as an usual electricity generator so you will be keeping even more money in your wallet.

How was this thing possible? Well, it all started 100 years ago when Nikola Tesla compared the sun with a huge ball of electricity and he wanted to exploit its potential. The earth has negative eletricity and the only way to balance the negative and positive charges is by using the air as an insulator. All these ideas came to Tesla’s mind after working for Edison at first as a simple electrical engineer but not long after that he was trusted to deal with the company’s most difficult problems. But after redesigning Edison’s inefficient motor and generators, Tesla resigned due to the fact that Edison did not keep his side of the deal and did not give Tesla the fifty thousand dollars he promised. After that Tesla started his own company “ Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing” and there he could develop all the plans he had and which got him 300 patents worldwide for his inventions.

Although not all the people might be concerned about global warming, I consider that all have been affected by the economic crisis and want to save as much money as possible so by following teslas generator schematics they will manage to save so much money from the electricity bills and also bring less pollution to the world. Now, on the Internet you can find the wiring diagrams and plans of how to build your own generator but you have to be very careful which plans you purchase because some might be scams.

So, in conclusion, I hope this article helped you to learn more about Nikola Tesla and his teslas generator blueprints and also made you more aware of the type of inteligence Tesla had but that was shadowed by the government that thought his plans were too futuristic for that period of time. We should be in a continuous development and we should try by all means to preserve our planet and also make our lives easier. That is what Tesla tried to do but was prevented by the greedy electricity companies that only think about their own profits and do not see the repercussions that their methods of obtaining electricity have on the environment.

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