Secret Tesla Inventions

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Thousands of pages were written along the decades about the amazing secret Tesla inventions. Scientists, engineers, students or simple fans declared their admiration for the man who is believed to have changed the face of the world through his patents.

Born in Lika, on the 10th of July, 1856, Nikola Tesla first specialized in mathematics and physics, but later became an electrical engineer. The scientists’ community and history itself remember Tesla as a pioneer in many domains of activity. He put the basis of wireless data transmission systems and studied how electrical energy could be transmitted without wires.

With more than 40 patents across the Unites States of America and 700 worldwide, Nikola Tesla proposed a long list of amazing discoveries: from the rotating magnetic field to the induction motor. A great number of today’s electric appliances use something of his inventions.

Secret Tesla Inventions – A Revolutionary Approach to Alternative Energy

Some of his most important achievements were concluded in electricity. He has the credit of changing completely the way the world understood to produce energy, green energy to be more precise. Tesla’s free power generators appeared as futuristic projects, which revolutionized the concept of energy production.

While he was working close to Edison, Tesla developed his first experiments in the field of alternative current. His first projects sustained a new line of thought regarding renewable power.

Among his first noticeable tests in this field, it is important to mention the hydro-electric power plant in the surroundings of Niagara Falls. That successful experiment inaugurated a new century in which, by standard power, the world understood something else besides burning fuel.

At that time, very few understood that the power plant designed by Tesla at Niagara Falls represented the key of the future sustainable energy projects. It was for the first time that free electricity was produced using the force of water. So, the first conclusion was pretty simple: water can replace tradition fuels and actually become fuel for a new generation of eco-friendly generators! But water is not the only element that can be used to produce energy, or at least that is what other mysterious Tesla discoveries sustain.

He continued to experiment with other elements, always looking for ways to better control, manage and produce electricity. In this sense, he designed the Wardenclyffe Tower. Located in Long Island, this tower had been planned to achieve transatlantic communication, thus opening the road to an entire network of wireless communication transmitters.

However, this was not the only thought Tesla had in mind regarding this tower. Besides being the first broadcasting system in the world, the Wardenclyffe, was constructed to be also a huge transmitter of free energy all around the world.

Tesla’s schematics explained how the earth itself, by becoming a dynamo, could have projected 100% electrical power worldwide. Of course, the experiment assumed an entire network of receivers with different parameters. Unfortunately, this important research was never concluded and the Wardenclyfffe laboratories were closed after only a few years from the official inauguration.

No matter the difficulties, Tesla continued his thorough research on electricity. Perhaps one of the scientist’s most astonishing discoveries was the fuelless generator. According to Tesla’s circuit diagram, this generator could produce free energy without being necessary to use any type of fuel but, in Tesla’s words the ‘energy that operates the universe’.

This generator was going to be the first costless energy source in the world. The wiring diagram includes only two metal plates and two capacitors and works based on sunlight, setting the premises for the production of 100% free energy, in a 100% eco-friendly manner.

At that moment, the concept of environmentally friendly was not familiar to humanity. Only when the exhaustion of the natural resources became an obvious threat the world truly began to understand the meaning of this concept. Tesla was, therefore, the first ‘green mind’, the first electric ecologist, so to say.

These were only a few of Tesla’s amazing achievements. As it is obvious, Nikola Tesla is ‘guilty’ for having designed the future of wireless transmission and, maybe most importantly, the future of renewable power.

Green Energy as part of the Secret Tesla Projects

Despite his brilliant contribution to the scientific heritage of the world, Tesla’s work was subject to many controversies and even scandals involving different personalities of his times. His futuristic inventions were not received with the same enthusiasm and excitement by everyone.

As in most cases, good ideas are not very well received in the beginning. The rule applies in this case for Tesla’s projects in the area of renewable energy.

The world was still learning the secrets of electricity. Marconi, Edison and Tesla were at that moment the revolutionary minds that spread man-made electricity worldwide. From the three of them, Tesla was the less favored by contemporaries, whether they were scientists or business men.

Despite the humble beginnings, this new industry seemed to bring many future changes and, somehow, they had something to do with money. To produce free energy meant less money for some people.

Unfortunately, important business men financed Tesla’s experiments. In this sense, Morgan’s comment can be a good example of how such a revolutionary energy source was received: ‘If anyone can draw on the power, where do we put the meter?’. Morgan was the most important sponsor of the Wardenclyffe Tower. Due to a series of disputes with the famous scientist, he withdrew his funds. A few years later, Tesla declared bankruptcy and the tower was shut down.

Tesla was saying to the world that the earth can generate unlimited quantities of energy at zero costs. Of course, this idea was far from pleasant for a group of powerful people and, probably, the reason why Tesla’s free power generating devices entered a cone of shadow and were not explored with more enthusiasm.

However, throughout the last decade, things started to change and Tesla’s blueprints began to reach the surface, answering the world’s acute need for sustainable ideas and projects on alternative energy.

Maybe now is a good time to start revising the secret Tesla inventions: who knows what else is hidden in the blueprints of the famous scientist?

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Teslas Fuelless Generator

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With Nikola Teslas fuelless generator, the world was introduced to an innovating, revolutionary concept: energy can be produced without fuel! In other words, the famous scientist Nikola Tesla proposed a free power generating device that uses radiant energy in order to produce costless electrical energy. Before understanding the scientific principle, let’s take a look at the story behind it.

Nikola Tesla was a famous Serbian-American scientist, mostly known for his futuristic contributions to the developments of the first sustainable energy projects. Besides drawing the wiring diagrams of the new free power generators, Tesla was also preoccupied by radio communication and wireless transmission of data.

Despite the obscurity that characterized the period following his death, Tesla’s inventions became popular once again after the 1990s. Among his many patents, inventions and experiments, Teslas no-fuel generator occupies a very important place, due to the rapid development of green energy studies.

What Is So Revolutionary about the Teslas Fuelless Generator?

According to Tesla’s brilliant theory on renewable power, it is possible to construct an energy generating device that does not consume fuel. In Tesla’s words, this gadget would function using the ‘energy that operates the universe’. The scientist claimed that it is possible to assemble an autonomic apparatus that produces 100% free electrical power without consuming gas, oil or any other type or exhaustible resources.

Tesla’s generator was officially brevetted in 1901, on the 21st of March. Registered under the name ‘Apparatus for the Utilization of Radiant Energy’, this machine demonstrated that, by using radiant energy, it was possible to generate free energy. History remembers Tesla’s invention as the first viable project of renewable energy. The schematics of this costless energy source are quite simple. In its construction, Tesla used two metal plates, a wire and a pair of capacitors.

In the plans of the generator, the circuit diagram starts from one metal plate placed in the air (as high as possible) and the second one in the ground. The two metal plates are connected to the capacitors using a simple set of wires: each wire is connected to each side of the capacitor.

Once built, this system ‘catches’ sunlight and turns it into energy. So, the sun produces electrical particles with positive charge, while the ground releases negative electricity. Simplifying the schemes, we could say that somewhere in between, electricity is born.

Of course, the plans suffered various changes along history, but the principle never changed. What mattered then and is still of importance today, is that the tests conducted by Tesla proved that humanity was actually able to take advance of direct sunlight, saving fuel and resources. In its time, the project opened new and endless possibilities in the field of sustainable energy, changing the world’s perception on power production.

Using Teslas No-Fuel Electricity Generating Device for Your Home

Tesla’s inventions, his theories, were exploited by his followers and improved, so, what began as a beautiful dream for a better world is now a reality ready to be experienced by all of us, embodied in one of the most efficient power generating devices. First built at an industrial scale, these systems are now available for individual use.

If you wish to use the Tesla generator to power your home, you have two alternatives: to build it on your own or to order it readymade. Both solutions are viable and their costs are recovered in time, but let’s see what each option implies.

In order to construct your own free energy source, you will need instructions and drawings, as detailed as possible, to make the process easy and fast. You need to choose your supplier wisely, based not on cost, but on reviews, on the quality of the information provided and on the guarantees provided.

Once you receive the blueprints, you need to review the list of materials. Hopefully, depending on the source, you will only need things that you already have around the house, or that are cheap and easy to find in local stores.

Just take them home and follow the instructions to the letter and, in a matter of one or two days the most, you will have the pleasure of lighting your home with energy you produce by yourself, you can kiss your electricity bills goodbye and no longer worry about power failures or network overcharges.

If you are too busy to do everything on your own, you can order the readymade generator. The price will be at least double than if you do everything by yourself, but with just a few clicks, in a couple of days, you can have the device installed and ready to power your home. No more reading blueprints and looking for materials, no more worrying about your lack of technical skills: you just snap your finger and the kilowatts start flowing into your home electrical network.

Advantages of Producing Green Energy at Home

Some people ask themselves why they should build or buy the device, but the right question is why not? You produce free electricity and protect the environment by not using the already limited resources and by not polluting the air, the water or any other element.

Then, you save significant money, as, apart from the money you invest in the generator, the electricity your produce is all for free. Besides, having your own energy source means independence.

Tesla’s free power generator also has the advantage of being easy to operate and to handle. It can be easily stored in a back room or even in the garage, requiring only minimal periodical maintenance works. Plenty of companies have already specialized in delivering top quality technical solutions for such systems.

Besides, the instructions provided with the blueprints, if you decide to build it on your own, cover most malfunctions, not to mention that no one knows better than you how to repair something you built from scratch.

Praised by thousands of people, the Teslas fuelless generator has changed the world and the way we live, ‘forcing’ us to think about the environment, allowing us to look after it and after our finances at the same time.

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Free Electricity Generator

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Let’s start with a question and a definition: what is a free electricity generator? There are many complicated scientific definitions and many technical terms to use. However, if we were to find the simplest and the shortest definition possible, the answer would sound something like this: a 100% free energy generating device! More and more people choose to build such a generator in order to produce electric power at zero costs and it seems to be working very well for them.

The story of the free power generators starts at the beginning of the 20th century with the amazing innovation of the Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla, in the field of what we now call green-energy.

Tesla’s no-fuel generator was based on the principle that power can be produced by using radiant energy, without any wired energy source. The project developed by Tesla revealed an extraordinary secret, so to say: fuel was no longer needed for producing energy.

So, Nikola Tesla sketched the first prototype of this amazing device, leaving the future to decide its further development. Using Tesla’s original schematics, the world was introduced to a new generation of power generating devices and a new way to rethink the concept of renewable power.

What You Need to Know on Tesla’s Fuelless Generator

Basically, generators convey mechanical energy to electrical energy by a series of continuous movements. In order to perform all these operations, this generating device uses different types of fuel. The beauty, the extraordinary innovation of Tesla’s project, resides in the fact that fuel is no longer needed to sustain the activity of a generator.

In these conditions, to produce free electricity seems the wisest thing to do. To construct a zero cost power generating device does not take too much time and does not require any special skills or competencies, but only a little bit of time and attention, in addition to the easy to use kit and schematics.

A no-fuel free generator gives full autonomy to each household. Your home will no longer be connected to an external source of energy, but will run on the energy generated by such an apparatus. The components are already partially assembled, so you don’t have to worry about any difficulties in building the circuits.

Each generator kit comes with a complete instruction guide. Many companies put at the disposal of their clients explicit videos presentations with step by step instructions. In other cases, the price of the generator kit includes professional assistance or the possibility to request such assistance when and if needed.

The market abounds in interesting offers. From a technical point of view, most of these generators have embedded zero point magnetic technologies. The idea of Tesla’s free energy generator was simple: the generator’s perpetual motion uses radiant energy, taken directly from the ambient medium.

Most of the current modern installations have been designed by applying Tesla’s original project, but improved and adapted to the latest scientific tendencies and discoveries. The generator kit is shipped together with a complete list of parts and components.

However, not all generators perform at high standards. For this reason, it is important to purchase from a specialized supplier that can offer you all the benefits of a solid guarantee. Producing free energy for your household should not be a problem as long as the generator is a reliable machine.

Of course, the capacity must be adapted to the size of the house and the daily needs of your family. If the generator does not have the capacity to cover your needs, then the circuits will not provide the adequate amount of energy and the installation will eventually fail.

Advantages and Disadvantages in Producing Free Energy

Nowadays, everybody tries to be environmentally friendly. The world has suddenly realised that the Earth has limited resources and solutions should be found in order to protect these resources and, implicitly, the planet. It is never too late to understand that each of our actions has an impact on the medium around us. So, why not generate energy without any side-effects?

When talking about generators that produce electrical power at zero costs, the truth is that the principle behind them is simple: this type of machine runs indefinitely, repeating the same motion, in order to produce free power. In other words, a fuelless generator requires no external source of power: no wires and no other power devices.

There are several advantages in building such an electric circuit at home. The first and most obvious benefit is money related. Having a costless power generator means lower utility bills and autonomy in relation with the companies supplying energy on the market.

On the other hand, Tesla’s no-fuel power generating device does not pollute the environment. Most of these free-pollution technologies are patented and tested before being produced in series.

This power circuit allows each entity to be autonomous. Even though they have been mainly designed for household, generators could be successfully used by companies as well. For example, a small business can perfectly run by using a proper-sized generator, thus reducing maintenance costs with a modest investment.

As for your personal home, once you construct a non-fuel costless electricity generator, you won’t have to buy energy ever again, thus eliminating one bill from the monthly list and reducing expenses.

In practice and in theory, there are no disadvantages in producing free electric power. Any generator is able to produce self-sustaining current by continuous motion, using the same circuits. Producing green energy should be one of our major priorities: for the present and for the future.

So, let’s revise the main advantages again…first of all, with such a power generating device you protect the environment. Secondly, you don’t have to sign any contract with a power supply company, thus enjoying full autonomy from now on. Last but not least, each family can save a lot of money.

The only obligation, the only condition you have to fulfil is easy to remember: perform periodical technical checks of the free electricity generator in order to make sure that it works at its best parameters!

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