How to Build a Tesla Generator at Home

Tesla generators are extraordinary power generation devices if you are looking for ways to reduce your energy costs, these machines being cheap and easy to assemble and to use, while the resources showing you how to build one are also many: the internet provides numerous plans and descriptions about how to build a Tesla generator at home.

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In what follows, we will provide a general outline of what a Tesla generator really is about and a description of the pieces that go into it, but you must be aware that you will have to purchase a detailed plan or blueprint if you are to construct a larger generator. Even though you will probably have to pay a few dollars for the plans if you want to build a larger generator to be able to supply the appliances in your home with endlessly renewable, wireless energy, the parts that go into the generator are really costless.

What Is, in Fact, a Tesla Generator?

A Tesla generator is a device that is able to transform the Sun’s radiant energy (electromagnetic energy, in fact, but called radiant power by Tesla in lack of a better term) into electric power, allowing you to power a part or your entire home cost-free.

As the environmental impact of our existence on Earth is becoming larger and larger, we are facing a growing need to develop and use eco friendly, renewable energy sources to keep up our energy-hungry way of life. One of the most frequently used technologies to produce electric power implies the burning of coal to generate steam that will power the turbines generating electricity. These power plants use up a lot of our planet’s permanently shrinking natural resources and they incur high operation costs, the energy generated this way being very expensive and having a large environmental impact, giving rise to the growing interest in ways to find environmentally friendly energy sources.

Solar power, the energy of the wind, of the water and nuclear power are all forms of renewable energy, but the production of electric power from these sources is also quite expensive and even these green energy sources imply some kind of impact on nature. Tesla’s generator is able to provide an excellent solution for both the issue of high costs and the problem of environmental impact: his invention uses the incredible amount of energy emitted by the Sun – not the heat coming from the Sun’s rays, but the electromagnetic energy generated by the interaction between the Sun and the Earth.

Tesla generators were invented by the engineering genius Nikola Tesla as far back in time as the 19th century. Though kept secret for a long time, the blueprints for building these extraordinary devices are now available over the internet for a limited price, allowing you to save considerable amounts of money on energy bills in a very short time. If you don’t want to invest a lot into building a large machine to supply the energy for your whole house, you can start by building a smaller device first to power only some of your household appliances and save the money for building a larger apparatus later.

Building a Tesla Generator at Home

If you do a little online research, you can find a vast array of resources to describe Tesla’s invention and give detailed instructions about how to build a home-made Tesla generator.

You can find many videos on the internet that will show you exactly how to build a free electric generator. To make a small-size device that is able to supply sufficient free electricity to power smaller electrical appliances like your mobile phone, you need the following parts: 4 Germanium diodes type 1N34, 2 electrolytic capacitors of 100 microF and 50V each, 2 ceramic capacitors, 0.2 microF and 50V each and some simple antenna wire to make the antenna that receives the kinetic energy. You don’t need to be very experienced to put together the gadget, and the costs of the parts will not exceed $2. Assembly is very simple: you need to connect the diodes and the capacitors, fasten them to a simple piece of board, connect the antenna and a cable that can transfer the electricity to the appliance to be charged, and that is basically it.

Building a somewhat larger Tesla generator requires a little more pieces and a bit more expertise, but the results are also more rewarding. The pieces you need for building the device include pieces that can be taken from old, unused computer or walkman parts, like a Neodymium magnet that you can take from a hard drive or small motors you can remove from an unused walkman. The parts you will also need to construct the energy source include leds, a resistor, a coil and a piece of board to fasten the parts on, the material costs staying low this time as well.

If you are interested in building larger, more powerful Tesla generators at home, you can choose to contact one of the companies that sell more complex plans for larger projects. Purchasing these wiring diagrams may cost you some money, usually around $100, but the parts that go into the machine are very cheap and the money you will be able to save if you switch, at least partially, to 100% free energy instead of staying on the grid and paying huge electricity bills will allow you to buy the more complicated plans.

Tesla’s experiments into making electricity production free have really been successful; the Tesla generator is an invention that is beneficial for the whole humanity. As with many other revolutionary inventions, there are many sceptics who question both the existence of the original blueprints made by Tesla and the fact that the schematics can be really put into practice, but the online demonstrations and the large number of the people who have already learned how to build a Tesla generator at home and are now using it to reduce their electricity bill and to produce sustainable energy prove all these sceptics utterly wrong: Tesla generators really work and are here to stay.