How to Build a Magnetic Generator

Before learning how to build a magnetic generator, it is essential to understand how this generator works and what its components are. Always in search of new alternative energy projects, the world understood that every idea with an eco-friendly potential is worth analyzing. Given the interest in developing new and green energy sources, it is only normal to give magnetic motors their chance as possible free electricity generators.

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How to Build a Magnetic Generator – Step by Step Instructions

Everybody would like to own and use a device that generates free energy 24 hours a day. Well, by building a magnetic generator, this is actually possible. With small costs and with minimal maintenance, the appliances in every home can run on 100% free energy supplied by a magnetic generating device.

Easy and safe to use, this is a low-cost generator that can sustain a home network by providing the amount of kilowatts needed on a daily basis. It does not use chemical substances, oils of gas for its functioning. Also, it does not produce any type of waste. It can be easily stored in a garage and requires only a simple check twice a year.

If you want to produce 100% free electrical power, you have two possibilities: either to buy it already assembled or to simply assemble it on your own. If you decide to focus on how to put together a magnetic motor without any professional assistance, then the first step is to attempt to put together the generator at a smaller scale.

In order to find professional yet easy to understand blueprints, you have to look for a proper source and, as many people would say, the best source of information is the internet. Many websites offer clear and well-structured presentations on how to build such a generator.

There are plenty of models available online. The components of the device do not change, but the dimensions do. In order to construct a small magnetic generator, the following materials are needed: a reasonably sized cardboard sheet, a 15 centimeters long nail, some tape, a bulb and about 8 meters of copper wire (it is recommended to use insulated copper wire). All these parts can be easily found in any local store that commercializes electric supplies.

For starters, carve out two circles with the same diameter; each circle should have a hole in the middle. Through one of the circles, put the nail and cover approximately 4 centimeters of the nail with isolation tape. Once this step is performed, push the nail through the center of the second circle and then fix it with some more tape.

The wired copper will be used for connecting the two circles. It is necessary to wind the insulated copper wire hundreds of times, leaving out about 20 centimeters to be later on tapped. Before attaching the wires to the bulb, you have to strip the tape. Moving the magnet (placed 6 centimeters away from the nail’s head) from side to side will light up the bulb.

With only a sheet of cardboard, a wire and a magnet it was possible to light up the bulb thus proving that the combination between movement and magnetism generates a flow of electricity.

Through this little experiment, you get to see for yourself how it is possible to produce free power by using limited, eco-friendly resources. Once you understand the process, all you have left to do is to buy or build the actual magnetic generator (adapted for individual home use), by buying a guide with step by step instructions, schematics and a list of all the necessary components.

Such guides on how to put together a magnetic electricity generating device are available online, but, of course, not all suppliers are reliable. The best way to identify those that can be trusted and offer proper guidance, you should check the reviews and customer’s opinions available.

Also, if when searching for queries like “magnetic generator blueprints” on Google, for example, a certain supplier is listed among the first results, it means his website has numerous visitors and presents valuable information, according to Google’s ranking algorithm.

The great part is that most suppliers offer money back guarantees, so, even if you buy the blueprints and they are not complete or the generator you build following them does not function properly, you can always ask for a refund.

Assuming you choose wisely and you follow the instructions to the letter, you should be able to build a reliable and highly efficient generator, powerful enough to ensure your home’s electricity needs. For any confusion or malfunction, you can always contact the supplier’s customer care department and receive the advice and solutions you need.

The benefits of using magnetic generators become obvious on long term. It is an investment that pays off within a short period of time, besides its positive financial implications, also protecting the environment as free energy source. It is efficient and durable, representing the best solution for a family’s independence in terms of electrical energy.

Magnetic Motors: For or Against

For a long period of time, many controversies were born around the topic of magnetic motors. Conventional physics studies sustain that it is not possible to obtain energy from the simple use of magnetism, but that it is possible to convert power by using magnetic devices.

There are, of course, many voices that sustain the efficiency of the magnetic motors and believe in the possibility to generate free electric power. They base their position on the numerous experiments conducted and on the fact that many engineers managed to put together functional mechanisms that offer cost-free energy.

Although for generators of different sizes, most plans available on the market use the same components and start from the same basic principle. A simple search online reveals the fact that, with minimum guidance and skills, anyone can build such a generator at home, and without a too great investment.

Everything points to one conclusion: obtaining renewable power with the help of magnetic motors can be easily accomplished by anyone. That is why, you too should start gathering information on how to build a magnetic generator and power your home for free, without harming the environment and without depending on a third party company.