Free Tesla Generator Blueprints

For all of those of you out there wondering how to build a Tesla generator, we would like to inform you that free Tesla generator blueprints are now available. All you have to do is to get yours and starting building that perfect generator.

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Some of you might have not heard of him, while others might have briefly heard his name but have no idea what it stands for. Nikola Tesla is not a name to be forgotten, as he is called “the Albert Einstein of electricity”.

This Serbian-American scientist was an accomplished and talented inventor, mechanical and electrical engineer, as well as physicists, whose experiments pioneered the electricity domain, making him the so-called “Father of Free Electricity”. And, this is also because of a small invention which could have great consequences over how electric energy is produced and delivered to users worldwide nowadays.

Tesla and His Generator

If you have not heard about Tesla, his generator or the free and easily-available blueprints that allow the construction of such a device enabling you to stop buying electricity from the great corporations, than all of this is because Nikola Tesla and his work were kept under silence in the past decades, mostly due to the government suppression.

A real visionary, Tesla thought ahead of other scientists of his time and more to the benefit of scientific development and the individual per se, leaving aside big companies and future electricity corporations. What Tesla saw in his discovery was a good that could be used by the entire human kind without any relation or bond to the government, the state-owned and controlled companies, nor to the private sector.

Tesla and Thomas Edison had opposing views, but this is not the real reason why you do not hear about him on TV, or you do not easily find him in the school manuals. Although his discovery and his work in general were accountable for the major innovations in electricity in the 20th century, leaving thus a huge legacy, Tesla did not lack enemies.

His way of approaching things and his need to assert his findings left many people worried about what he could do and afraid of the huge potential his findings would have for individuals, thus making his sponsors to withdraw their support.

And now, after all this time, history seems to do him justice, as it might seem from the overload of free Tesla generator plans found at everyone’s disposal on the market, both online and in books.

Why the Fear of the Generator and How the Free Tesla Generator Blueprints Reached the Surface

Tesla’s work was put to use in many domains, even unchanged in certain cases, like the Coil used in single TV sets all over the globe. Even wireless communication owns a share of its success to Tesla, as 17 of his patents were used when Marconi made the first transatlantic communication.

And let us think of other products which we highly use today like the radars, the microwave ovens, the electric motors; they would not have been possible or their appearance would have been delayed without Tesla. They are, however, the proof of the success of his experiments.

Building a Tesla generator following the blueprints left by Nikola himself is not hard. Even the required parts are easily available, and, in total, you should not pay more than $100 maximum. It is all because Tesla’s biggest dream was to bring free power into each home.

For this, he needed an accessible system that could be easily understood and built by every person, not only by experts in the energy domain. So, Tesla based his system on the space radiation of the sun, working around this, creating a system that can harness this power and turn it into electricity.

Then, as he announced his discovery and his intentions, corporate executives began to worry that his invention would create anarchy against their cleverly-built multi-billion companies. Consequently, his financers, starting with J.P Morgan withdrew their money and Tesla was left penniless and without any possibilities to continue his studies, putting an end to his dream.

But his dream is now alive, after years of secrecy, thanks to a leaked file from the government, which ended in the hands on some researchers from an independent science lab. They published his plans, allowing the free Tesla generator designs to be seen and accessed by thousands of people worldwide.

This prompted a huge interest in Nikola Tesla and his work, much of which is still unknown, probably hidden in the US government or military basements. It led to books being written about him, and, more importantly, about the Tesla generator, which, together with the already existing blueprints, have sparked the individuals’ interest in Nikola’s invention.

If you do not believe in this invention, the best alternative is to test it for yourself and see how it works, discover its benefits compared to the electric energy you use right now. The best advice is to reach for a blueprint that best suits you and to start building your own Tesla generator, with or without the help of the books available on the market.

As you will see, the costs are lower than your electricity bill for one month, and the system, once ready, will help you save energy, not to mention that, given the high interest people have in alternative energy sources nowadays, this invention will surely gain ground, as it easier to build and use then solar panels or wind powers, and it works day and night. Plus, it does not pollute, nor does it make any noise, which makes it a great addition to your home, especially if you have neighbours who appreciate you keeping it quiet.

So, all you have to do right now is to get the blueprints that you need. Be careful, however, as Tesla’s sketches have inspired a lot of other ideas, so there is a risk you could end up with scam blueprints. Therefore, we advise you to pay a careful attention to all free Tesla generator blueprints before acquiring them and getting started with the construction.