Free Electricity Generator

Let’s start with a question and a definition: what is a free electricity generator? There are many complicated scientific definitions and many technical terms to use. However, if we were to find the simplest and the shortest definition possible, the answer would sound something like this: a 100% free energy generating device! More and more people choose to build such a generator in order to produce electric power at zero costs and it seems to be working very well for them.

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The story of the free power generators starts at the beginning of the 20th century with the amazing innovation of the Serbian-American scientist Nikola Tesla, in the field of what we now call green-energy.

Tesla’s no-fuel generator was based on the principle that power can be produced by using radiant energy, without any wired energy source. The project developed by Tesla revealed an extraordinary secret, so to say: fuel was no longer needed for producing energy.

So, Nikola Tesla sketched the first prototype of this amazing device, leaving the future to decide its further development. Using Tesla’s original schematics, the world was introduced to a new generation of power generating devices and a new way to rethink the concept of renewable power.

What You Need to Know on Tesla’s Fuelless Generator

Basically, generators convey mechanical energy to electrical energy by a series of continuous movements. In order to perform all these operations, this generating device uses different types of fuel. The beauty, the extraordinary innovation of Tesla’s project, resides in the fact that fuel is no longer needed to sustain the activity of a generator.

In these conditions, to produce free electricity seems the wisest thing to do. To construct a zero cost power generating device does not take too much time and does not require any special skills or competencies, but only a little bit of time and attention, in addition to the easy to use kit and schematics.

A no-fuel free generator gives full autonomy to each household. Your home will no longer be connected to an external source of energy, but will run on the energy generated by such an apparatus. The components are already partially assembled, so you don’t have to worry about any difficulties in building the circuits.

Each generator kit comes with a complete instruction guide. Many companies put at the disposal of their clients explicit videos presentations with step by step instructions. In other cases, the price of the generator kit includes professional assistance or the possibility to request such assistance when and if needed.

The market abounds in interesting offers. From a technical point of view, most of these generators have embedded zero point magnetic technologies. The idea of Tesla’s free energy generator was simple: the generator’s perpetual motion uses radiant energy, taken directly from the ambient medium.

Most of the current modern installations have been designed by applying Tesla’s original project, but improved and adapted to the latest scientific tendencies and discoveries. The generator kit is shipped together with a complete list of parts and components.

However, not all generators perform at high standards. For this reason, it is important to purchase from a specialized supplier that can offer you all the benefits of a solid guarantee. Producing free energy for your household should not be a problem as long as the generator is a reliable machine.

Of course, the capacity must be adapted to the size of the house and the daily needs of your family. If the generator does not have the capacity to cover your needs, then the circuits will not provide the adequate amount of energy and the installation will eventually fail.

Advantages and Disadvantages in Producing Free Energy

Nowadays, everybody tries to be environmentally friendly. The world has suddenly realised that the Earth has limited resources and solutions should be found in order to protect these resources and, implicitly, the planet. It is never too late to understand that each of our actions has an impact on the medium around us. So, why not generate energy without any side-effects?

When talking about generators that produce electrical power at zero costs, the truth is that the principle behind them is simple: this type of machine runs indefinitely, repeating the same motion, in order to produce free power. In other words, a fuelless generator requires no external source of power: no wires and no other power devices.

There are several advantages in building such an electric circuit at home. The first and most obvious benefit is money related. Having a costless power generator means lower utility bills and autonomy in relation with the companies supplying energy on the market.

On the other hand, Tesla’s no-fuel power generating device does not pollute the environment. Most of these free-pollution technologies are patented and tested before being produced in series.

This power circuit allows each entity to be autonomous. Even though they have been mainly designed for household, generators could be successfully used by companies as well. For example, a small business can perfectly run by using a proper-sized generator, thus reducing maintenance costs with a modest investment.

As for your personal home, once you construct a non-fuel costless electricity generator, you won’t have to buy energy ever again, thus eliminating one bill from the monthly list and reducing expenses.

In practice and in theory, there are no disadvantages in producing free electric power. Any generator is able to produce self-sustaining current by continuous motion, using the same circuits. Producing green energy should be one of our major priorities: for the present and for the future.

So, let’s revise the main advantages again…first of all, with such a power generating device you protect the environment. Secondly, you don’t have to sign any contract with a power supply company, thus enjoying full autonomy from now on. Last but not least, each family can save a lot of money.

The only obligation, the only condition you have to fulfil is easy to remember: perform periodical technical checks of the free electricity generator in order to make sure that it works at its best parameters!